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WinCati Solutions (formerly Sawtooth Technologies) was founded in 1995 as an offshoot of Sawtooth Software. Now known as WinCati Solutions, Inc., they provide software for research data collection. Their software enables users to create CATI, Web, Mixed-Mode and CATI-Qualtrics surveys to conduct market research and solicit feedback for businesses, organizations, and universities. WinCati Solutions is headquartered in Northbrook, IL and is privately owned..

Founded in 1995, WinCati Solutions is an offshoot of Sawtooth Software, which has provided data collection and analysis software since 1983. WinCati Solutions is headquartered in Northbrook, IL, and is privately held.

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CATI & Web Software

We offer software, training, and support so you can conduct affordable, best practices survey research.

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WinCati software


Full Telephone Interviewing Automation, executed with the best practices researcher.

Sensus Web software

Sensus Web

Web Interviewing offering advanced questionnaire authoring capabilities and an integrated set of time and cost savings features.

Mixed Mode software

Mixed Mode

True telephone / Web interviewing Integration.App

Call Center Manager for Qualtrics software

Call Center Manager for Qualtrics

Automated sample management, quota control and mixed mode interviewing for Qualtrics call center users.

Questionnaire Programming services

Questionnaire Programming Services

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CATI & Mixed Mode Hosting services

CATI & Mixed-Mode Hosting Services

Host your WinCati or Sensus study with us.

Market Research Services

Services Discontinued

WinCati Solutions is discontinuing its conjoint analysis and related analytics consulting, and encouraging its consulting customers to use Sawtooth Software’s consulting group for these services (

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