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RemoteApps & Hosting Services

Remote Apps using Microsoft RDP:

You can provide RemoteApps for your Interviewers and Supervisors. RemoteApps are small size (about 4kb) RDP files that connect to your RDP server. This launches the Interviewer or Supervisor application off your system and gives you access to your studies. RemoteApps are platform-independent and run on any operating system. Interviewer and Supervisor RemoteApps can be ran from any location provided users are connected to the Internet.

Hosting Service for Sensus Web studies:

We can host your Sensus Web surveys for you. Now you don’t have to worry about finding a server for your Sensus Web surveys. We can provide unique study links for your respondents to take survey online using any web browser. This is for Sensus Web users only. Not to be confused with our WinCati Mixed-Mode product line.

Using the Sensus Web client, you will be able to upload your surveys to our hosting server and download the survey data off our server while in progress. Once your study is complete, you can delete the study off our hosting site to close any unused links. Studies that have been completed and inactive for a period of 90 days or more are automatically delete off our server. We only charge you every 100 completed surveys from your survey and also a low monthly rate. Minimum 1-Month required. Contact us for a customized and detailed quote today.

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