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Sensus Web is a fully featured Web interviewing system

Our Sensus Web interviewing system offers advanced questionnaire authoring capabilities without the need of HTML or Java programmers. In addition, it provides you with all the tools you need to create surveys, deploy them to the Web, monitor their progress, and prepare data for analysis including:

  • Database for creating and managing sample
  • Email system for composing and releasing survey invitations and reminders
  • Quota control system
  • Auto tester for testing questionnaires and generating datasets for setting up tabs or preparing for analysis
  • Online quota control, statistics, open-end coder, and data management tools
  • Easy export to SPSS, SAS, Excel, Triple-s XML and other popular data export formats

Sensus Web lets you conduct rigorous, cost-effective online research. It is powerful, yet designed for research organization and universities with even limited staff and resources.

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