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WinCati is powerful, expandable and rigorous.

WinCati is used by not-for-profit, government, academic and market research organizations around the world. It provides a singular combination of features, expandability, and value that delivers rigorous, cost-effective research.

WinCati works for you like an expert supervisor. It makes thousands of decisions every second to ensure that your studies are administered rigorously and to your exact specifications.

  • WinCati incorporates mainstream PC hardware and software. Compatible and inexpensive equipment, software tools, and system support are readily available.
  • WinCati operates on a local area network (LAN) or in the cloud.
  • WinCati supports voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems to lower your interviewing costs and Microsoft’s Remote Apps (RDP over VPN tunnel) to give you the option of having supervisors and interviewers work onsite or from home.
  • WinCati Technology Features - Sawtooth Technology
  • WinCati’s mixed-mode interviewing, interview record/sound play and automated dialing options extend your system’s capabilities while lowering your costs.
  • WinCati adheres to the research standards set by the American Association of Public Opinion Research and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • WinCati offers active features to help you stay FCC 2015 TCPA compliant.

WinCati offers:

Powerful Interviewing WinCati’s interviewing software lets you create simple questionnaires quickly and complicated questionnaires efficiently. Its drag-and-drop questionnaire authoring interface requires no special programming skills.
Quick/Easy Study Setup WinCati is an advanced CATI system that lets you set up complex studies with tight deadlines using your existing staff. You don’t have to turn away quick turn-around studies or field them on paper.
Intelligent Administration WinCati works for you like an expert supervisor. It makes thousands of decisions every second to ensure that your studies are administered rigorously and to your exact specifications.
Productive Dialing Options WinCati’s Rapid Dial can increase interviewer productivity 10-20% at a substantially reduced cost compared to traditional dialers.
Pre-Defined Reports WinCati’s built-in reports give you all the information you need to effectively manage a study - there’s no setup. And, it is the first CATI system to compute the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) outcome rates.
Ease of Learning WinCati is deceptively simple. We’ve done the hard work for you by designing a sophisticated system that is uncomplicated and intuitive. Supervisors can be trained in hours, rather than days; interviewers can be trained in minutes, rather than hours.
System Integration/ Custom Reports At WinCati’s core is an ODBC compliant Sybase database engine.  This means you can use SQL commands to bring sample or information you have directly into WinCati from another ODBC compliant database or transfer data from WinCati to ODBC compliant systems to create your own custom reports.
VoIP Integration WinCati’s built-in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) control lets you save money by integrating WinCati’s automated dialing with a voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system thus lowering your phone bill and eliminating the cost of a traditional phone system.
Staff Flexibility WinCati is compatible with Microsoft’s Remote Apps which solves the problem of adjusting your calling capacity to fluctuations in your workload by letting interviewers and supervisors work remotely from home via the Internet.
Expandability With WinCati, you can start at the level of investment appropriate for your organization and then expand as you grow.
CATI/Web Mixed Mode With WinCati’s Mixed Mode option, you can do pure CATI, pure Web, or combined CATI/Web interviewing. No other system is as fully integrated.
User Benefits Users and reviewers alike have cited the power of our products, their ease-of-use, our outstanding documentation, and our responsive customer support.
Affordability WinCati offers you a world-class CATI system at an affordable price. It also offers more standard features than any other system.
Value Overall, WinCati provides the best CATI value anywhere. This means you can offer your clients responsive services and quality data and still win bids.

Work From Home using Remote Apps (Interviewer/Supervisor Application)

Our WinCati applications can be used by interviewers and supervisors working remotely or off-site. The WinCati Supervisor and WinCati Interviewer applications can be centrally hosted on-site and accessed from remote locations as a RemoteApp application. RemoteApps use secure connections to a Terminal Server where multiple instances of the application are launched and available over the internet back to the remote user; this is called “Session Virtualization” and is NOT resource intensive.

Terminal Server

Remote desktop licenses or CALs are required add-ons for the Microsoft Windows Server operating system (not sold by Sawtooth) for each workstation you wish to use a remote connection with. After the CAL licenses are purchased for your Terminal Server, you are ready to configure any WinCati application installed on that server as a RemoteApp!

Converting an application into a RemoteApp means that you can launch it from any location with a secure internet connection and no installation is required on the remote computer.

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